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Conservation Corridors in Urbanized Landscapes

“…research by Nick Haddad, a conservation biologist at the University of Michigan’s W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, has demonstrated substantial improvements in biodiversity from corridors as little as 25 yards in width, well within the range, he says, of “what’s reasonable in urban landscapes.”


Habitat on the Edges: Making Room for Wildlife in an Urbanized World

Efforts to protect biodiversity are now focusing less on preserving pristine areas and more on finding room for wildlife on the margins of human development. As urban areas keep expanding, it is increasingly the only way to allow species to survive.

Sightings: Bobcat in Kinneywoods!

One of the many benefits of conserving open space is the preservation of wildlife. Thanks to the generous donation of a trail camera from Cabela’s in Berlin, MA, we were able to catch this glimpse of a bobcat on our Kinneywoods property.

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