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Volunteer News: Sibley Farm Property Sign!

It has happened again:
 A beautiful, handcrafted property sign has been completed and placed in its forever home!

From the moment the sign is envisioned, there is a volunteer jumping in to trace the template onto oak boards, then the boards are placed into the hands of a couple of volunteers gifted with the fine art of routing.  It then moves onto painting and then sanding. Sort of a production line, but with human interaction, conversation and friendship all happening at the same time!

While the oak boards are being worked on, another team that favors an adze or mallet and chisel, chips away at turning two round logs into square posts.  They then move onto completing the frame by finishing the beams with tenons that will fit into the mortises cut into the posts.

All while, once again, chatting about life, land conservation, or whatever else happens to surface.  

Occasionally, this work is done in less than ideal weather conditions…yet volunteers show to continue the project!

As luck would have it, the day we selected to install the Sibley Farm sign happened to be a day with predictions of 100% rain, from the time the install began until the time it was supposed to end.  Of course, an inch of rain tends not to deter a GWLT event or a GWLT volunteer. So, volunteers showed for the install! And it was wet, and muddy, and more wet. And fun. By the time the Sibley Farm Anniversary celebration cake was served, the rain had stopped, and we shared in the joy of the conserved status of Sibley Farm, the joy of GWLT volunteers, and the joy in knowing that as of that moment, even more people will be aware of Sibley Farm!  










Of course, none of this could happen without volunteers—so, once again, THANK YOU, for all you do!

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