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Broad Meadow Brook Savannah

Acreage: +/- 80
Type: Conservation Restriction (Broad Meadow Brook GWLT CR, Ball CR)
Location: 414 Massasoit Road, Worcester; 83 Dunkirk Ave, Worcester
Established: 5/17/2002
Parking:  Extensive parking lot at Mass Audubon facility on Massasoit Road. Free admission for Worcester residents, Mass Audubon members, and GWLT members. $4 admission otherwise ($3 children and seniors). Frontage parking at the end of Dunkirk Ave.
Volunteer: Ranger Marengo

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Trail Map:






End%2520of%2520Dunkirk.JPG Along%2520Kirkland.JPG IMG_4783.jpg IMG_4778.jpg IMG_4774.jpg IMG_4772.jpg IMG_4767.jpg IMG_4766.jpg IMG_4763.jpg IMG_4762.jpg IMG_4758.jpg IMG_4753.jpg IMG_4752.jpg IMG_4751.jpg IMG_4748.jpg IMG_4746.jpg IMG_4743.jpg IMG_4739.jpg IMG_4737.jpg IMG_4734.jpg IMG_4733.jpg IMG_4731.jpg IMG_4730.jpg IMG_4728.jpg IMG_4727.jpg IMG_4725.jpg IMG_4724.jpg IMG_4723.jpg IMG_4717.jpg IMG_4716.jpg IMG_4714.jpg IMG_4711.jpg IMG_4709.jpg

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