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Southwick Pond & Brook

Acreage: 118.38
Type: Property
Location: Walbridge Road, Paxton; 86 Marshall Street, Leicester
Established: 2/28/1990 (Southwick Pond), 5/28/2010 (Southwick Pond Brook)
Features: Ponds, Meadow, Frontage on Southwick Pond (South); Southwick Pond Brook; Breached dam; Trail loop
Parking: Plenty of parking at the end of Walbridge Road in turnaround. Frontage parking on Indian Hill Road across Pleasant Street from trailhead. Limited frontage parking on the west side of Crystal Street (only viewpoint access). Parking for one car on north side of Marshall Street, in front of gate (only water access).
Conservation Purposes: Passive recreation and wildlife habitat; Water quality protection; Part of Four-Town Greenway Corridor trail network; Riparian habiat

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