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Donker Farm

Acreage: 23.82
Type: Property
Locations: Worcester, 48 & 50 Tory Fort Lane
Established: 4/28/2015 (Donker Farm & Donker Farmhouse), 6/30/2016 (Donker Farm North)
Features: Wooded Livestock Area; Grazing Meadow under power lines; Woodlands; Wetlands; Streams; Chicken Coop; Animal Shed
Parking: Access off of Tory Fort Lane at Donker Farm Trailhead Parking, Donker Farm Driveway, off Beaconsfield, off Briarcliff, off the end of Caton Road
Conservation Purposes: Passive recreation and wildlife habitat; Last Grandfathered farm in Worcester; Riparian Habitat; Part of Four-Town Greenway Corridor Trail Network

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Trail Map:





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