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Donker Farm

Acreage: 23.82
Type: Property
Locations: Worcester, 48 & 50 Tory Fort Lane
Established: 4/28/2015 (Donker Farm & Donker Farmhouse), 6/30/2016 (Donker Farm North)
Features: Wooded Livestock Area; Grazing Meadow under power lines; Woodlands; Wetlands; Streams; Chicken Coop; Animal Shed
Parking: Access off of Tory Fort Lane at Donker Farm Trailhead Parking, Donker Farm Driveway, off Beaconsfield, off Briarcliff, off the end of Caton Road
Conservation Purposes: Passive recreation and wildlife habitat; Last Grandfathered farm in Worcester; Riparian Habitat; Part of Four-Town Greenway Corridor Trail Network

Trail Map PDF | Google Map | Brochure PDF

Trail Map:


Donker Farm with Dog Detour 12-18-18

About Our Sheep:

Shadow (Born: February 2015)

Shadow is the black sheep of our herd—literally, not figuratively, and one of our most charming girls. She lost the tips of her ears to frostbite shortly after her unexpected premature birth. She made a full recovery, but now sports a unique Yoda-esque appearance.

PIN (Born: February 2015) & Lady Baa Baa (Born: February 2016)

PIN, the matriarch of the herd, and her daughter, Lady Baa Baa are mostly often spotted grazing closely together. PIN is curious and alert and is always keeping an eye out for the safety of the herd. Lady Baa Baa is the most shy of all the resident sheep, preferring the security of her mother’s side to investigating visitors.

Murphy aka “The Other One” (Born: February 2016)

Murphy joined the herd in 2016 along with PIN and Lady Baa Baa. She earned the name Murphy at her original farm because of her determination to try to lick the Murphy’s Oil Soap off the floor in the home where she was being bottle raised. While unrelated, she and Lady Baa Baa could easily be mistaken as twins. Their resemblance  to one another has lead to many conversations along the lines of “Is this one PIN’s daughter?” “No, that’s ‘The Other One’.”

Emma (Born: February 2017)

The newest and youngest member of the herd. She easily identifiable by her petite size and woolly face. She enjoys the company of the herd, but we believe she fancies herself to be more dog than sheep.

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