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The Cascades


Acreage: 156.59
Type: Conservation Restriction (Cascades East), Fee (Cascades West, Cascading Waters)
Location: Worcester
Established: 9/16/1991 (Cascades West), 10/18/2001 (Cascades East), 8/10/2005 (Cascading Waters)
Features: Large Wooded property with extensive trail network. Cascades Brook, View of Cascades Falls; Trailhead; Native
Parking: Boynton Park parking lot; Silver Spring Road/Howard Street frontage; Parking Lot off of Olean Street, Frontage on Cataract Street
Conservation Purposes: Passive recreation Restrictioneation and wildlife habitat; Vernal Pool Habitat; Part of Four Town Greenway Corridor Trail Network; Riparian Habitat; providing access to City Conservation Land; Part of Four Town Greenway Corridor

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