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Asnebumskit Ridge

Acreage: 104.111
Type: Fee, Easements
Locations: 107 Asnebumskit Road, Paxton with Easements in Holden & Paxton
Established: 6/13/2016
Features: Woodland; Stream; Scenic Vista; Rte. 122 frontage
Parking: Access over easement off of the end of Asnebumskit Road; Access up easement strip between houses north of Nursery on Pleasant Street; Foot Access at grade cut on Pleasant Street Frontage
Conservation Purposes: Passive recreation and Wildlife Habitat; Asnebumskit Ridge Trail Corridor; Walked and written about by Henry David Thoreau; Significant landmark for the Nipmuck; Riparian Habitat; Scenic By-Way

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Trail Map:





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