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Curtis Pond Overlook

Type of Property: Conservation Property
Acreage: 0.10 acres
Located in: Worcester
Access: Stafford Street, Worcester
Established: 12/29/1992

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Curtis Pond is GWLT’s smallest holding, a gift from Selina Remmer of a strip of land along Stafford Street that overlooks Curtis Pond (across the street from the Goddard Homestead home). The property is listed by the City of Worcester as 4,900 square feet. Remmer loved this piece of land and its view. When possible, she would come over to care for it. Her devotion to this property helped ensure that this overlook became a conservation holding.

A $1,000 donation was made to GWLT for the defense and maintenance fund. GWLT installed a granite bench and keeps a short path that parallels the Stafford Street sidewalk at the top of the bank. This property is adjacent to land held by National Grid and nominally maintained by CoW. It also affords a naturalized edge to the street, and in winter an expanded view of Curtis Pond.  

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