The trees are leafing out, the forests and fields are turning vibrant green, and we hope you’re already out enjoying the Trust’s trails! This is GWLT’s busiest season for field and trail work—the volunteers are out re-blazing paths: clearing branches and downed trees, freshening signs and blazes—but they cannot do this by themselves. They need your support to keep our shared conservation lands open and inviting.

GWLT prides itself on serving the community by making all the land we conserve free and open to the public. With over 2,500 acres conserved, and more prospects to come, that’s a large(!) and magnificent wild space to explore, be you a walker, bird watcher, photographer, naturalist, canoer, backpacker, cross-country skier, retreatant, geocacher, kayaker, botanist, entomologist, or sportsman. We fit many descriptions, but we share one love: the land.

We couldn’t achieve this annual stewardship enterprise without the dedication, love, and hard-working sweat of our prized volunteers who cover miles and miles of trails. All of their labor, photographs, and reports are to one end: keep the Trust’s lands beautiful when you arrive.

To realize the greatest benefit from all of these volunteers’ hard work, we need to keep them supplied with: loppers, clippers, saws, paint, brushes, flagging tape, gloves, router bits, fencing, lumber, sandpaper, and more lag bolts, washers, and nails than you would reasonably guess! While we pride ourselves in felling selected trees from the land for projects on the land, we just can’t get around needing to purchase some materials to keep the crews going.

In this busiest of seasons, our collective efforts work to keep our freshly re-greened places where we live and play open and refreshed for the year. I know that you enjoy our shared wild places, and that you take pride in our community’s access to the natural world. Please make a small sacrifice, along with those of the volunteer Rangers, so that together we can achieve these necessary annual works. Your part on this team is absolutely essential, and I thank you for your critical part in this stewardship appeal.


Colin M.J. Novick
Executive Director

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