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Worcester Intercollegiate Outdoors Initiative

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Discover the great outdoors in a space that welcomes students from all of Worcester’s colleges to come together and explore nature.

Forge a genuine intercollegiate community as we set out on the trails though greater Worcester’s vast array of conservation lands, parks, and forests.

Reap physical and mental health benefits of time spent in nature while gaining valuable lifelong skills and making lifelong friends.

If you’re a college student with a heartbeat, the Worcester Intercollegiate Outdoors Initiative is for you! Join now and help shape our path forward.

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Why an Intercollegiate Outdoors Initiative?

Worcester is a city of great colleges to attend and great green spaces to explore. Mix those ingredients and it’s a perfect recipe for meeting new people from across all campuses while getting to know our region’s outdoor wonders. With our boots on the ground, every step we take helps make Worcester the true “college town” it has such potential to be.

Why the outdoors?

The outdoors are for everyone! They’re a place to disconnect from the stress of today’s fast-paced, technology-laced, world, and reconnect with our environment, our planet, and our inner selves. Better still, one need not travel far to get there. The visually compelling landscapes of greater Worcester can be enjoyed in all seasons, in many different ways, and in any dose from minutes to hours to days!

Why the Greater Worcester Land Trust?

Land trusts in Massachusetts have taken enormous strides to keep valued pieces of our state green. Their mission involves not only protecting and conserving such prized places, but making them publicly accessible through construction of trails and other infrastructure, and launching initiatives to actively connect the population with the land. Our Worcester Intercollegiate Outdoors Initiative is one such program. And by focusing on colleges, we’re empowering a new generation of public land stewards to help keep our mission and our land alive!

Contact us:

Greg Doerschler
Worcester Intercollegiate Outdoors Initiative Coordinator
Greater Worcester Land Trust

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