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News and events for the Greater Worcester Land Trust

Volunteer News: Trail Work Fun!

As often happens in summertime, I end up sitting in the shade staring up at the undersides of beautiful green leaves.

And, then I start thinking about GWLT and smile!

Perhaps some of these images will spark a memory.

Or give you an idea of what just might happen when you volunteer for a Trail Work Event.


There is just something about carrying logs with two-man timber carriers that never gets old.  Tired, perhaps, but never old!














Those timbers are always put to good use!










Heading into the woods for trail work is pretty awesome!  We are equipped with loppers, bow saws, clippers, and snacks – ready to work!


Volunteers move rocks!

And de-bark black locust logs!

And help build tent platforms!


And shelters for a composting toilet!

Of course, all that material has to be carried into the woods.  And volunteers do that as well!

And this!



And that is why I smile when I think of GWLT!














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GWLT Needs Help Haying at Sibley Farm July 12th!

UPDATE: The hay baler experienced technical difficulties, so the original times have been moved forward to 3:30 & 4:15 PM

Help GWLT make hay while the sun shines!

Tomorrow, the field at Sibley Farm will be mowed and we need your help to collect the bounty and help feed the sheep at Donker Farm!

3:30 PM at Sibley Farm: Volunteers will help to load hay bales on a truck. Use the Sibley Farm Agricultural Access at 282 Main Street, Spencer, MA.

4:15 PM at Donker Farm: Volunteers will help unload the hay bales into the barn. Parking for Donker Farm is at 44 Tory Fort Lane in Worcester, MA.

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Sightings: Farmfest 2018!

One of our favorite volunteers, Jackie Lynn, caught some pictures of GWLT’s Farmfest celebration & Donker Farm on June 16. If you missed the fun this time around, don’t forget that Farmfest Rocks! is coming up on June 30th! We also have brand new sets of notecards with paintings by Elisabeth Donker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Farmfest Full Schedule: This SATURDAY from 9 AM – 4 PM


Join us this Saturday at Donker Farm to celebrate its 30th Anniversary with food, music, tours, and more!





Bring your pencils, pens, paints & easels. Bring sculpting tools or a notebook! Enjoy a beautiful day of creating outdoors on the grounds of the farm.

Snacks & beverages will be available all day, and lunch items will be served from Noon – 1:00 PM. Sides, desserts, and other potluck dishes welcome!

9:00 AM:                    Opening Farm Chores & Farmyard Tour
9:30 AM:                    Yoga on the Lawn
10:00 AM:                  Farm Tour with Colin Michael James Novick
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM:  Refreshments & Snacks
10:30 AM – 2:30 PM:  Spinning, knitting & dyeing demonstrations
11:00 AM:                   Plant ID Walk with Dr. Robert Bertin
11:00 AM:                   Children’s Story Time with Sheep
12:00 PM:                   Lunch food
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM:   Music with the T-Square Rounders
1:00 PM:                     Farm Tour with Colin Michael James Novick
2:00 PM:                     Plant ID Walk with Colin Michael James Novick

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